Tricks for Winning the WowPot Jackpot

Have you ever wondered if betting techniques can help you win a million dollar jackpot? If so, then you’re going to love our article. Here you have access to the best tips and tricks for hitting a multi-million dollar WowPot jackpot.

Key info

The WowPot mega pool seed starts at 2 million. So, many players are on the lookout for tricks to help them win the jackpot.

Winning odds and tips

You need luck to win the mega jackpot on the WowPot slots. However, some tips can improve your chances of winning the WowPot jackpot.

Our guide’s team looked at the best tricks for winning the jackpot of over 2,000,000. This jackpot on the WowPot bonus wheel is shared by all the slot machines in the series.

#1. Casino free bonuses

The bonuses offered by online casinos can help you to win big on the WowPot slot machines.

The trick is choosing an online casino that has the best conditions on the use of bonuses. Jackpot City is a great place to get the best casino bonuses.

Welcome bonuses give you two advantages:

  • On your first deposits, they allow you to test the online casinos with real money.
  • They can boost your odds of hitting the jackpot.

#2. Payout rates

The WowPot slots each have a different payout rate. This rate shows you how much money a slot machine pays out over the long term. The unique feature of the WowPot slots is that a percentage of each bet is used to feed the bonus wheel pots. Because there are so many WowPot players trying their luck, the prize pools for the 4 progressive pots on the bonus wheel are always changing.

To increase your odds of winning, your best bet is to choose the WowPot slot with the best RTP rate. We recommend the Book of Atem WowPot slot machine with a 93.50% RTP.

WowPot RTPs

WowPot Series Slots RTP Table:

Titles RTP
Book of Atem 93.50%
Wheel of Wishes 93.34%
9 Blazing Diamonds 93.30%
Queen of Alexandria 92.50%
Ancient Fortunes Poseidon 92.23%
Cash N Riches 92.23%
Sherlock and Moriarty 92.10%
The Finer Reels of Life 92.10%
Sisters of Oz 92.00%
Wolf Blaze 86.93%
If you look at the RTP rates for the WowPot games, you can see that there are only 1.5 points between the lowest and the highest rate. That’s a pretty small difference.

If you only play the WowPot slots occasionally, the RTP has little impact on your odds of winning the mega jackpot. It’s only when you bet a very large number of spins that the best RTP rate yields good results.

There’s one thing you need to know about the slot machine African Legends WowMajor! This WowPot series title has a 94.92% RTP rate, but does not have the mega jackpot bonus wheel.

Payment frequencies

The WowPot games have a high volatility. This means that it’s not easy to win the mega pot on the bonus wheels. As a matter of fact, since the launch of the 1st slot in the series in 2020, there have been only a few big jackpot winners. However, a lot of players have managed to take home big money on the +$50,000 Major pots.

The title of the series with the best payment frequency is 9 Blazing Diamonds WowPot. It pays out at a rate of 38.56% on all the bets made.

#3. Max bet trick

The WowPot bonus wheel often appears on the screen when the bets are high on each spin.

That’s the best trick for making the bonus wheel pay out the multi-million jackpot. An amazing slot for max bets is Sisters of Oz WowPot. You can bet as much as $300 per spin. Available at Spin Casino, Sisters of Oz is one of the most successful WowPot games.

Max bet tip for every spin on Sisters of Oz WowPot

In the heart of the action

Let’s look at a max bet case with Book of Atem WowPot! If you have a $100 budget, you should make 4 bets at $25 per spin. This slot machine has betting options ranging from 10 cents to $25 per spin. You might think that it’s better to make lots of 10 cent bets per spin, which would come to 1000 spins. Unfortunately, that would be a huge mistake! Indeed, the WowPot games have generators that favor large bets. In other words, it’s better to max bet on a few spins rather than make a lot of small bets.

Want to think big? Sisters of Oz is the slot where you can put all the odds in your favor. But, be careful! It has max bets at $300 per spin.

Max bets on the WowPot games

Titles Max bet
Sisters of Oz $300
Queen of Alexandria $200
Wheel of Wishes $200
Sherlock and Moriarty $100
Book of Atem $25
9 Blazing Diamonds $25
The Finer Reels of Life $24
Ancient Fortunes Poseidon $20
Cash N Riches Megaways $20
Wolf Blaze Megaways $20
The slot Sisters of Oz WowPot has the lowest payout rate (92%). On the other hand, it offers the best odds of winning the WowPot jackpot on max bets. Moreover, the bonus wheel in this game version has only 12 segments instead of 20.

As long as you have enough money to bet, Sisters of Oz is your ticket to winning the millions of dollars in the WowPot.

Max bets on the WowPot slot machines are not for everyone. Luckily, there is a way to boost your odds of winning big. The idea is to go for intermediate bets of $5 to $10 per spin. These betting amounts give you good chances of winning the WowPot jackpot.

#4. Cumulative winnings tip

The WowPot games have the same payout frequencies as regular slot machines. So it’s quite easy to accumulate earnings on the basic non-progressive versions of the WowPot network. Accumulating winnings is the best thing to do if you don’t want to max bet on the WowPot slots. This allows you to play without having to bet large amounts of money. The idea behind this strategy is to win thousands of dollars and then go for the max bets.

For instance, if you accumulate enough cash with $5 bets per spin on a WowPot slot machine, you can move up to the next level with max bets. By doing so, you’ll be first in line for the WowPot jackpot.

#5. Strategies and results

Winning tips on any type of slot machine do not guarantee results. However, they help you stay ahead of players who don’t use winning strategies.

In concrete terms, on real money online casinos, a lot of players only make minimal bets on WowPot slots. These players will never be able to win the big prizes on the bonus wheel. Instead, they help to increase the amounts of the Major and WowPot pots on the progressive jackpot wheel. These two pots have jackpot seeds that start at $50,000 and $2 million respectively. These are the segments of the WowPot wheels with big jackpots. The other wheel segments, namely the Mini and Minor, only start at $10 and $100.

In short, the higher you bet on each spin, the more you can win on the WowPot games.

Wheel pot variations

Mini +10
Minor +100
Major +50,000
WowPot + 2 million
The Mini pot rarely exceeds $100. This pot is won more than once every minute. As for the Minor pot, it sometimes exceeds $1000, and this jackpot is won over 30 times every hour. With the +$50,000 Major pots, there are on average 2 winners a week.

The Holy Grail of the WowPot jackpot is rare, but when it pays off, you can expect millions of dollars.

Verdict on the WowPot tips and tricks

By following our tricks that increase your odds of winning the WowPot jackpot, you’ll be one step ahead of the other players. Many players only make small bets on the WowPot games. By betting big, you’ll be one step ahead of the crowd! While there is no guarantee that you will win the millions in the WowPot by betting big, it’s still the most effective gambling technique known today.

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