Slot Machines and Big Winners in New Zealand

WowPot series slot machines are attracting more fans every month. After launching in February 2020, the WowPot concept from the Microgaming publisher quickly drew in New Zealand players.

NZ users enjoy trying their luck on pokies at the most successful casinos on the web.

WowPot games are sparking the interest of jackpot hunters thanks to their communal jackpot of over 2 million up for grabs.

Nowadays, slots in the WowPot series are as popular as the famous games from the Mega Moolah series.

If you combine both Mega Moolah and WowPot pokies, there are millions of dollars at stake.

NZ biggest Mega Moolah and WowPot winners

Record jackpots in New Zealand

When it comes to slot machine sites, the biggest jackpots won by NZ players came from games in the Mega Moolah network. To date, six wins are worthy of the biggest jackpots won in Las Vegas gambling halls.

Record jackpot wins in NZ:

#1. NZ$13,615,861 May 2020
#2. NZ$10,144,395 June 2016
#3. NZ$6,720,526 December 2020
#4. NZ$6,017,396 October 2020
#5. NZ$4,966,561 December 2019
#6. NZ$3,075,080 September 2020
Aside from the record wins above, players win prize pools of hundreds of thousands of dollars every year. In 2021 and 2002 alone, New Zealanders were able to win huge pots on the Major squares of the WowPot bonus wheels.

If you’re looking for a different style, the Thunderstruck Wild Lightning slot machine headlining at Golden Tiger offers excellent chances to win big. On every wager made, the potential win is 15,000x the bet.

World Ranking

One lucky Kiwi is among the top five winners in the world.

This New Zealander took home their record-breaking jackpot on the River Belle Casino site in 2020. He landed over NZ$13.6 million on the Atlantean Treasures Mega Moolah game.

Winning online players

Online casino sites have taken considerable market share vis-a-vis land-based casinos for two decades. This occurrence makes sense when you see the quality of the web offering available. Taking a look at our international online casino’s page will convince the most skeptical players.

Thanks to all these successful online casinos featuring slot machines with crazy jackpots, players have managed to win millions. Among the big winners, the English, Canadians, Europeans, and New Zealanders have hit the biggest jackpot records on the Internet.

As seen on NZ guides, the Mega Moolah games have had wide success at several pokies sites in New Zealand. Especially Atlantean Treasures, a super popular slot machine on the Golden Tiger site.

As for WowPot games, Kiwi players visit casino sites like Jackpot City the most. The Jackpot City casino is also one of the most popular pokie sites for players looking for generous welcome bonuses.

New Zealand players

New Zealand has only 5 million inhabitants! Yet, against all expectations, this Pacific country has the greatest number of winners on online slot machines in terms of ratio. New Zealanders have won incredible sums just on the games in the Mega Moolah series alone.

WowPot Winners

To date, the big winners on WowPot slot machines have come from England and Europe, claiming over 2 million dollar jackpots. As for players from New Zealand, they took on the biggest winnings on the WowPot bonus wheels in the Major squares. In 2022, the biggest Kiwi winners on WowPot games earnt over NZ$150,000.

New Zealand – Another world

New Zealand is an incredible country that is truly like no other. Even though it is far from everything, the archipelago frequently makes headlines. When it comes to Rugby, the nation stands out throughout the world thanks to its formidable All Blacks team. New Zealanders often win major international titles in major sailing competitions too. Also, on a political level, the iconic Jacinda Ardern, Prime Minister since 2017, is a role model for many countries.

New Zealand is known for its breathtaking landscapes, the quality of its waters, and the iconic national symbol of the Kiwi bird. New Zealanders have been called “Kiwis” since Australian soldiers gave them this nickname during the First World War.

Since 1320, New Zealand has been the home of the Maoris; however, it is very much multicultural now.

A digitally-oriented country

New Zealanders are all about sport, outdoor activities, and the pursuit of happiness. However, this does not prevent a whole proportion of the NZ population from equipping themselves with top technologies. For example, many Kiwis have a state-of-the-art iPhone and, as such, almost all NZ players favor iPhone and iPad casinos.

Tourism and gambling

Tourism in New Zealand is an integral part of everyday life and the economy. The welcoming demeanor of kiwis appeals so much to people looking for a wholesome getaway.

One of the unique things about the archipelago is the eight volcanoes!

Our website is all about casino games, but New Zealand has six land-based gambling houses. You can find these casinos in tourist areas under the supervision of the NZ government.

The largest casino in the country is right in the center of Auckland, a stone’s throw away from the SkyCity tower.

SkyCity Casino next to Auckland Tower

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